The Most Expensive Cookbook in the World!

The Culinary world is buzzing over the most anticipated cookbook expected to be released this Winter. It’s called “Modernist Cuisine”.

Here’s why it’s so hot! It’s 6 volumes and 2,400 pages. Here is an excerpt from the website:
“In Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet—scientists, inventors, and accomplished cooks in their own right—have created a six-volume 2,400-page set that reveals science-inspired techniques for preparing food that ranges from the otherworldly to the sublime. The authors—and their 20-person team at The Cooking Lab—have achieved astounding new flavors and textures by using tools such as water baths, homogenizers, centrifuges, and ingredients such as hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, and enzymes. It is a work destined to reinvent cooking.”

A sampling of what you’ll discover:

  • Why plunging food in ice water doesn’t stop the cooking process;
  • When boiling cooks faster than steaming;
  • Why raising the grill doesn’t lower the heat;
  • How low-cost pots and pans can perform better than expensive ones;
  • Why baking is mostly a drying process;
  • Why deep-fried food tastes best and browns better when the oil is older;
  • How modern cooking techniques can achieve ideal results without the perfect timing or good luck that traditional methods demand.

I mean really?! A 20 person kitchen lab? What a dream! They take everything we’ve all been taught about cooking and turn it upside down. Take for example the simplicity of a hamburger. We all have our own variations. Here is their labor intensive and no doubt expensive version taken from the Eater Review:

· Bun: Tender hamburger bun, made from scratch and toasted in beef suet.
· Sauce: Hamburger glaze of suet, pureed tomato confit, beef stock, and smoked salt.
· Mushroom: Maitake mushroom, sauteéd in beef suet.
· Lettuce: Romaine lettuce infused sous vide with liquid hickory smoke.
· Tomato: Vacuum-compressed heirloom tomato.
· Cheese: Cheese single made from aged Emmental, Comté, and wheat ale.
· Burger: Short-rib patty ground to vertically align the grain.
· Ketchup: Crimini mushroom ketchup with honey, horseradish, fish sauce, ginger, and allspice.

The photography in this book is truly magical. In the above discussion of the hamburger the photograph not only shows the burger cut in half for an insiders look but the active grill and charcoals are as well. I can only describe it to say it’s like having X-Ray vision.

I encourage you to browse their website! Click here for a free 20-page excerpt because that might be as close as we get to actually owning a copy. It’s not sold out. You can pre-reserve a copy for $625.00! Don’t worry though, Barnes & Noble and Amazon are throwing us a bone by offering it at a reduced rate of $500.00.

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