Wine Barrels Recycled into Usable Art

Can you imagine what this barrell is recycled into?

I had the most amazing invitation recently. Come, drink wine, taste amazing food and watch the artistic work of Gustaf Anders Rooth. Why would anyone say no?

Living in the wine world I find that the wine barrel itself is stunningly beautiful. Centuries of tradition passed down among generations of coopers. As if that isn’t enough, I love wine barrels for the promise they hold. They take our juice and knowingly impart the right amount of vanilla and smoke while encouraging the maturation of that vintage.

I have had the privilidge of watching a cooper build a barrel. With intense focus they pressurize prescious wood slats, add rings, heat over large fires and fill with water for testing. These men (mostly men) are highly valued. A single barrel can hold a quarter of a million dollars of wine or congac.

I always thought the process of creating a barrel was art. I had never thought that at the other end of a barrels life it’s disassembling could be considered art as well. The team of Barrelly Made It have done just that. They treasure the function of a barrel and give it a new life.

They convert Red Wine and Bourbon barrels into functioning art. Charis, tables, benches and even candle holders. Each piece created by hand. A chair can take up to two weeks. All pieces are signed and numbered. The quality of the work is truly impressive. I fell in love at first sight. You can feel that each barrel has a story. That story is preserved in a way you can appreciate and reflect on each and every day.

Here are some pictures of Gustaf Anders Rooth taking a barrel apart:

Preparing the Barrel

Action shot of removing the rings

Preparing to take the wood apart

The barrel unrolls in a matter of seconds. All that remains is the lid.

All the pieces of the barrel awaiting their new life.

From those pieces art is born! Handcrafted and polished they serve a new purpose. Here are a few examples below:


Chair and Foot Rest

Chair made of Bourbon Wood-My personal favorite


So..which piece are you getting first?


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