Announcing “Champagne Sundays” the Cookbook

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to keep you updated on everything we are doing behind the scenes and some exciting news!

We want Champagne Sundays to be a great resource for you in terms of recipes, ideas, food trends, restaurant tips and behind the scenes travel photos. In order to achieve this we are continually developing the concept, quality and content of this blog.

Touring the world, working with chefs, vineyard owners and local farmers gives us a wealth of information we can’t wait to pass on to you. We source all ingredients back to their origins and try to find ways you can incorporate them into your daily life. Keeping you informed, healthy and inspired is our main goal.

Thanks to you, our loyal followers, this blog has received some national attention from chefs and companies we admire! To THANK YOU we are working on making this blog even better so you can’t wait to share it with others.

This week we redesigned the layout to make it easier to navigate! The photos have been enhanced so you can admire the dishes even more. The “Categories” section lets you browse previous posts by topic or ingredients! We began including RSS Feeds for articles and food movements we respect and participate in. There will be more to come. This is an extra source of  international information right at your fingertips.

Over the upcoming months we will be including “how to” videos for tricks and techniques you can use in the kitchen as well as step by step instructions for certain recipes! Travel, vineyard and recipe photography will be complied into albums for you to browse!

Another addition to the blog content stems from a previous blog article I wrote “My Beef with Meatless Mondays”. I am a strong advocate of reducing our needless animal protein intake. We have been asked by the national Meatless Monday community to participate in a weekly Monday post. We are humbled by the offer and are jumping at the chance of participating in this movement on a whole new level! We pledge that all Monday posts will be meat free. Check out the link above and join the Meatless Monday movement.

Excited yet?? gets better! I have an exciting collaboration to announce!

Champagne Sundays has always been about celebrating wholesome food with family and friends. This blog was born after two years of recipe testing and development (thanks taste testers!) A cookbook can take years before you have a copy in your hands. I couldn’t wait that long. This blog is a way of getting you information right away.

Now that the Champagne Sundays book is complete and tested this is where the fun begins. I am excited to announce the collaboration between Champagne Sundays and Amy Wise-Bacis Photography!

Amy is an amazing photographer. She has traveled and photographed the world. She is highly respected and well regarded. Individuals and major companies seek out her talent. Her photographs are used to showcase an image and create brand identity. If you only have one photograph to represent you or your company that image literally has to be a “photograph that speaks a thousand words.” Amy does that.

And now Amy will be adding Food Stylist and Food Photographer to her already impressive resume. I am honored to announce that she will be the eye behind the camera for Champagne Sundays! Shooting begins next week. So in the near future the blog photos will be out of this world (not my doing!) and the “Champagne Sundays” Cookbook will be one step closer to being published.

One of my main frustrations in food photography are the tricks used to make a food item appear better. Raw meat painted to look cooked, shaving cream instead of whipping cream, my list can go on and on. Amy doesn’t do any of these tricks. We promise that everything you see comes right out of the kitchen. No manipulation. There will be people standing by, ready to eat the items she’ll be photographing! If we can’t make it look good naturally we don’t want you cooking it.

We will be releasing recipes from the book to all of you in advance. We will also have behind the scenes photos of all the work involved in bringing you the blog and cookbook.

I am sincerely grateful for Amy’s participation because only she can translate the emotion of each dish into a single photo that makes you wish the photo was a scratch and sniff sticker! Click on her link above to check out her photography and her blog, become a fan of her’s on facebook and follow her insightful tips on twitter!

On behalf of everyone that works to bring you this blog we want to Thank You for your continued support! We love your comments and suggestions so please keep them coming. Help spread the word by recommending this site and by becoming a facebook fan!



To get recipe ideas from all around the world  follow my company, Dove Concepts on twitter or become a fan on facebook.

All recipes © Laura Dove


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I have been working and studying in the hospitality industry for 15 years. Champagne Sundays came about through gathering with friends and e
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One Response to Announcing “Champagne Sundays” the Cookbook

  1. Wow!! Congratulations! Looking forward to all the new photos, recipes and especially The Cookbook!

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