Calling all Chocolate Addicts!

If there is a chocolate society out there, then I should be President. Quite a few people would fight me for this position. However, anyone who knows me or has worked with me would agree that I am deserving of that title.

Chocolate always creates passionate conversations and opinions. Can you be addicted to chocolate? Lets see. According to studies they cannot guarantee there is a physiological condition. But here are some of the questions:
“Do you feel happy when you eat chocolate?” Umm…Yes!
“Do you feel less stressed when you have chocolate?” Yes!
“Do you feel sadness when you try and cut out chocolate?” Why would I try? But if I did, then yes!

Does this make me an addict? I eat chocolate every day. I don’t remember to do anything every day. Even take my vitamins. I keep chocolate in my fridge, desk and handbag.

There are some well-regarded health benefits for pure dark chocolate. It lowers blood pressure, it’s full of antioxidants and releases good chemicals in the brain. But why are we claiming this research to be ground breaking? The Aztecs called chocolate “food of the Gods.” I agree.

When I discuss chocolate I mean actual quality chocolate. Not candy bars in grocery store aisles containing wax and milk solids. Here we get to my guilty and expensive habit. La Maison du Chocolat is my all time favorite chocolate. I first discovered it in Paris. One bite and I knew I found heaven.

Years later I couldn’t believe my luck to find a location in New York City. Every trip I made to NY had to include a stop to this store where I would purchase enough loot to fill a second suitcase. Anyone I knew traveling there would have to bring some back home for me. Sometimes friends were not happy to be sent on such a mission.

Then again, another stroke of lottery luck. Not only was I already roaming the esteemed Harrod’s food halls purring like a kitten but when I turned a corner there it was, a La Maison counter. Oh my! Needless to say the employees and I are now on first name basis.

They have chocolate for every occasion and every mood. They have chocolate bars. I have stacks of the 69% cocoa bars scattered all over my house. They, of course, have truffles filled with ganache. When you walk into one of their stores you think you’ve stepped into a jewelry store. Each individual truffle is perfectly stacked on top of each other. The air is the sweetest I have ever encountered.

The founder, Robert Linxe has the 10 Commandments of Chocolate. One of his commandments is “The coating of good chocolate should be so fine, it melts in the mouth.” Words to live by.

In some of my many conversations with the staff I learned that their cocoa comes from Venezuela. What makes the quality outstanding is that when the beans are harvested they don’t blend the good quality with the lesser quality beans. They only use the absolute best of the harvest. So if only three cocoa plants out of 100 have amazing quality then they only use three plants.

For me that is what makes this chocolate so intoxicating. This chocolate costs more than a drug addiction. At least in the amount I consume. A truffle will set you back $4.00 a piece. A bar of chocolate costs $10.00. I once ordered some on-line and they will only FedEx with dry ice. That cost an additional $40.00. That’s the loss of four additional chocolate bars.

But I promise, once tasted you’ll never go back. The sign of an amazing quality chocolate is that with one bite you feel content. You don’t need to devour the entire chocolate bar. Well, only if you want to. I am warning you. Call your credit card company and increase your limit.


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2 Responses to Calling all Chocolate Addicts!

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  2. AP says:

    La Maison du Chocolat should pay you comission if they get an increase in sales…The way you talk/write about this “chocolat” made me want to go on line an order some! I am totally salivating like a pavlovian dog and I am not a chocolate addict…or is that what they call withdrawl cravings?!

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