My Beef with “Mealtess Mondays”

I love the idea. I really do. Any movement that brings awareness to the estimated 10 billion (US figures only) animals killed annually to make it onto our plate I can really get behind.  I’m not preaching but I feel as a society we’ve lost touch with what we actually eat.

Ironically “Meatless Mondays” has brought my point to the forefront. Have you heard people talking recently? Maybe you are even a little bit guilty? You don’t want to eat “meat” so you order chicken or fish? Or you intend to not cook meat at dinner but you have a ham sandwich or a chicken salad for lunch? Since when has the term “meatless” implied to the act of not eating a steak? If consuming other meat hardly breaks though to our conscious, do we even blink at how we categorize eggs, milk and cheese?

On a daily basis I hear from people that they don’t eat meat or they are trying to cut down on their meat consumption. I applaud the intention. However, the follow through is lacking. As I browse catalogues, recipe indexes, magazines and TV channels I see a recurring theme. “Meatless Monday” recipes including cream, butter, cheese and eggs. Even a recipe for a simple vegetable dish includes a dab of butter and a grating of Parmesan. Where do people think these dairy items come from?

Maybe some mainstream media channels think we will react negatively to the concept as a whole. Maybe they think we can skip one steak dinner but don’t take away our sour cream baked potato or macaroni and cheese. Will we hate the taste of a truly meat free meal that much? Why do they make it seem that meat free equals tofu and sprouts? Its not exactly encouraging behavioral changes in us.

There are many reliable sources for great information and recipes. The “Meatless Monday” movement is designed to bring awareness of the quantity of meat we consume as a whole. By omitting meat on one day we could reduce our consumption by up to 15%. Not only would we save needlessly killed animals but we would also help ourselves. Animal fat is linked to cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Here is a great web site where you can search articles, videos and recipes. You can join the movement and pledge to go meatless for one day a week. They also list schools, restaurants and celebrity chefs in the movement. Meatless Mondays is a wealth of information and support.

Here are some previous recipe posts I’ve done to get you going in the right direction. You don’t need to sacrifice flavor to eat meat free.
Spinach Risotto
Two Dips
Tuscan Kale Soup
Vegetable Wraps
Black Forbidden Rice and Roasted Squash

Please send me your comments or favorite meat free recipes! Enjoy! Cheers to your health!

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