Find of the Week: CAN À SUC puzzle piece sugar cubes

You’re the host/hostess of a fabulous party. After hours of entertaining, many courses and bottles of wine your conversing skills come to a halt. Well, maybe not at your party.

However, once desserts are on the table a gathering can go quiet. Take that as a positive sign. It means they are well fed, full and content. Yet, you are too tired to think of anything new to say. Dishes are already on your mind.

You need something to spark the conversation. Alas! You serve coffee and conversation is ignited! Thanks to these little miracles.

I discovered these at Selfridges in London. Can a Suc makes these beautiful sugar pieces. They specialize in unique sugar. Rock sugar comes in a wide range of colors and block sugar comes in shapes like hearts that hang off of mugs and building block look-a-likes. These puzzle pieces are my personal favorite and make a lasting impression at any gathering.

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CAN À SUC puzzle piece sugar cubes

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One Response to Find of the Week: CAN À SUC puzzle piece sugar cubes

  1. LOVE these! Perfect conversation “pieces” for a dinner party!

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